Our commercial real estate company‚ Maverick Real Estate Investments‚ Inc.‚ urgently needs your help‚ and we are willing to pay you very handsomely for it.

We need help finding commercial real estate property to acquire. And I’d like to invite you to be an important part of our growing network of Commercial Real Estate Property Scouts.

A Legitimate Opportunity

First‚ the opportunity I am about to present to you is real.

It is a legitimate opportunity to make a lot of money. More money‚ in fact‚ than most doctors‚ lawyers‚ CEOs or even the majority of business owners.

We are in the commercial real estate investment business. Our company and a syndicated group of experienced‚ private real estate investors buy‚ sell‚ develop‚ build and renovate commercial real estate. You can put your mind at ease because this is not an MLM‚ and we are not in the business of selling so called ‘business opportunities’ and ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

This opportunity is real.


Even though this opportunity involves commercial real estate‚ it requires no risk‚ no capital‚ and no hard labor on your part like construction‚ maintenance or rehabbing. Our company shoulders all the risk and we put up all the capital. And‚ as unbelievable as that might sound right now‚ we also do over 97% of the work.


You don’t need a real estate license or even real estate experience‚ although it could come in handy. We will train you in everything you need to be successful.


This opportunity requires five to twenty hours a week of your time. Obviously‚ the more time devoted‚ the faster the learning curve‚ and the quicker and greater one’s success.


Yes‚ you can work in the comfort of your own home. There is no travel required. All that is needed is access to a computer‚ printer‚ telephone and the Internet.


Do you have what it takes to be a successful Property Scout?

We have discovered the people who do extremely well in this profession generally have one or more of six specific qualities.

First‚ the people who are successful are ambitious. They want to make A LOT of money. They have major‚ long-term financial goals they’re trying to achieve‚ even becoming a millionaire. Most people who get involved with us want financial independence and time freedom.

If those are your goals‚ this is the perfect opportunity. And it is definitely doable in a relatively short amount of time.

Two‚ they’re organized and detail-oriented. They can easily follow a step-by-step system. I say that because around here we have a motto:

The System works‚ if you work the System

Three‚ they enjoy learning and discovery.

Most people who do well actually find this part fun. You’ll be using your computer‚ the Internet and the telephone to find information relating to specific properties which we may want to acquire.

Four‚ they genuinely like people. While the profession has absolutely nothing to do with sales or cold calling‚ you will be talking to real estate brokers‚ agents and property owners on a regular basis.

We train people in everything they need to ask and exactly how to ask it. It’s all very simple‚ documented and systematic.

Five‚ people in this profession are willing to invest the time upfront.  When starting any worthwhile endeavor‚ especially one with the upside as great as Property Scouting‚ nothing happens overnight.

Six‚ perfection is not required. In the beginning everybody makes mistakes. It’s part of the learning process. 

Those are the six qualities for property scouting success‚ if this describes you‚ then let’s get down to business.

“What’s this opportunity all about?”

In a nutshell‚ a Commercial Property Scout finds promising commercial properties for our company and investor group to acquire.

In addition to the extraordinary income‚ being a Professional Property Scout has other great advantages and benefits...

  • No Risk Required: Although this profession is in commercial real estate‚ an industry known to be very capital intensive‚ Property Scouting requires no risk‚ and no capital on your part. Maverick Real Estate Investments Inc. and its private investor group carries all the risk‚ puts up all the capital‚ and does over 97% of the work.

  • No Industry Experience Required: There is no need for a real estate license or real estate experience‚ although it could prove useful in the future. Again‚ you will be trained in everything you need to know to be successful.

  • Work from Home: Most Property Scouts work from home. All you need is access to a computer‚ printer‚ telephone‚ and the Internet. Property Scouting provides a way for people to be their own boss‚ choose their own hours and spend more time their family. There’s absolutely no commuting or travel required.

  • Convenient Hours: With regards to the actual work itself‚ to do well requires from five to twenty hours a week. Once again‚ the more time devoted‚ the quicker and greater one’s success. People often do Property Scouting in their spare time. 

Types of properties we want to acquire and write you a Big Check

For example‚ we are looking for:

  • Raw land and empty lots which can be rezoned and developed for huge profits

  • Office complexes ‚ retail shopping centers ‚ and strip malls

  • Multi-family properties such as: apartment complexes ‚ retirement assisted living facilities ‚ hotels ‚ motels and condominiums

  • Industrial ‚ warehouse and manufacturing facilities as well as mobile home and RV parks

However‚ the property must be what we consider a ‘promising property.’

To us‚ a promising property is one which meets a certain specific set of criteria to qualify for acquisition by our investor group. It’s a profile we have devised over the last three years‚ where we know if the investor group acquires a property‚ we have NO DOUBT we have a winner.

Property Scouts are trained in these criteria in detail by us. Our criteria focuses on finding ‘problem’ properties— properties which have problems with the owners or problems with the properties itself.

To us‚ as paradoxical as it might sound‚ ‘problem’ properties have the most promise‚ and yield the most profit.

An Example

For instance‚ let’s say a Property Scout locates a piece of raw land for sale that’s near a growing community‚ perhaps one that has a Wal-Mart nearby.

This is what we call property “in the path of progress”.

Let’s also say the land is valued at $5‚000‚000‚ zoned agricultural, and the owners are divorcing. They need to sell the property fast and are more than willing to sell below market value at $2‚500‚000.  (This is a common scenario.) 

This means that when we buy it‚ we have real potential $2‚500‚000 profit (50%) when we sell it. When we later sell it‚ we can potentially achieve this profit

Then‚ if we re-zoned the property for commercial purposes‚ we could possibly and immediately double the value again. That means a property which cost us of $2‚500‚000 could possibly now be worth $10‚000‚000.

If you keep your eyes open‚ these types of properties are everywhere‚ especially on the Internet. It’s just a matter of knowing the proper criteria we are looking for.

(Now‚ how much money would you make when you find a property like this? Read on... our answer will probably surprise you.).

As you’ll soon learn to appreciate‚ commercial real estate is arguably THE BEST WAY to make a lot of money and build enduring wealth.  All you have to do is look at where the majority of the wealth and income of the Forbes 400 comes from to prove it to yourself.

Nothing else comes even close to the massive profits being made in commercial real estate. That’s what makes the BIG checks to a Property Scout possible and available.


And just so you know‚ this isn’t the only way to make money in commercial real estate. There are many other ways. But you don’t need to know any of those to get started.

What we’d rather see you do is become proficient at finding the promising properties I spoke of earlier. Our company will take care of the rest.

Believe me‚ finding promising properties should be easy‚ fun and financially rewarding when you know precisely how to do it (which we’ll show you.)

Now at this point— let’s do a quick recap:

  • You are qualified if you have the seven essential qualities I spoke of earlier

  • As a Property Scout‚ you will be professionally trained to find promising commercial properties which meet our pre-defined criteria

  • You will be highly compensated for your effort

“How Much Will I Be Paid?”

Now‚ let’s address how much you will be paid. I’m sure that’s an important question on your list of things you are curious about.

And if you’re ambitious‚ this is where it gets really exciting! When you find a piece of property that meets our criteria and the investor group purchases it‚ you WILL earn a generous 3% of the profits when it is later resold. Using the $7‚500‚000 profit scenario I spoke of earlier‚ your compensation will be $225‚000!

That’s right. All you need to do is
find one winning property a year and you could make that kind of money.

And yes— we understand that’s a lot
of money. In fact it’s more money than
a majority of real estate agents make.

But let’s be clear on a few things that may make a difference in your decision:

1. While I just gave you a common scenario‚ that example is by no means hard and fast.

Some properties have more profit. Some properties have less profit. But you can count on the fact that ALL properties the investor group purchases will have at least a $3‚000‚000 profit built in. On average‚ our profit per property is $6‚000‚000‚ which means the Property Scout stands to make $180‚000 in those scenarios (per property) on average.

2.Of course‚ we encourage you to submit as many properties to us as you wish. But please understand that not every submission turns into a ‘closed’ deal.

As you would expect‚ that’s an unrealistic scenario.

It’s not uncommon to submit a fair number of properties before one becomes a closed deal. But when that happens‚ you’ve now hit the jackpot!

This is why patience‚ being well-organized‚ and having the ability to focus on the long term are the true keys to your success. Depending on the level of dedication and involvement‚ it can even take up to six months for a new Property Scout to submit their first winning deal.

This prospective time frame depends 100% on you. Every day‚ we stand ready to quickly move on promising properties that meet our criteria. We NEVER ‘drag our feet’ on a great deal.

Here’s another important point for you to consider:

Once you ‘learn the ropes’ and are fully trained and understand what we are looking for in a property‚ you can count on uncovering promising properties like clockwork. All you have to do is look. They are virtually everywhere!

Think about those times when you buy a new car and then you begin to see the same car everywhere. Or‚ do you ever buy new clothes‚ only to soon see others wearing the same clothes you just bought?

But let’s not sugar coat anything.

Some properties you’ll submit WILL have an obstacle which will prohibit our investor group from purchasing them.

That’s the honest reality. This is not your fault.

We all face that disappointing situation at times. It does happen. Just know that your next submission can be a Big Winner! This is one opportunity where your persistence‚ patience and follow-through pays off.

3. You should also know after three years experience working with our current group of property scouts we currently have around the country‚ the most productive and prosperous scouts work from between 5 and 20 hours a week‚ and can average up to three WINNING properties PER YEAR!

So as you can plainly see‚ the Property Scouts’ potential pay-outs can be huge. Government prohibit us from stating specific Property Scout income and earnings— but as you can already imagine— successful‚ active Property Scouts earn a very good living and enjoy a very nice lifestyle (even if they might only submit one or two winning properties a year.)

Yes‚ to be extremely successful— all you need to do is submit just one or two properties a year.

So if you really want to change your current situation into a whole new life and lifestyle— Property Scouting can be your answer. All you’ll need to do is be patient and follow the specific step-by-step system as we instruct.

This is no different than starting any new business.

4. During your professional training you’ll receive after you join our team of Property Scouts— you’ll learn that the bigger the property is‚ the fewer challenges we have acquiring it. It’s As simple as that!

As a Property Scout‚ you’ll be encouraged to focus on finding the BIG properties‚ the BIG deals‚ and the BIG opportunities‚ because they’re easier to acquire and more profitable for everyone involved (especially you!)

Since you receive a percentage of the profits when we resell a property— the bigger the sales price‚ the bigger the profit. And the bigger the profit— the bigger your percentage and your paycheck are.

It is as simple as that!

“What’s a day in the life of a Property Scout like?”

Now‚ let’s talk about what you’ll be doing as a Commercial Property Scout.

Step #1: How to Find a Promising Property

First‚ let’s talk a little bit about how you can find these properties we want to purchase. There are two basic but specific methods:

One — There are virtually hundreds of free commercial real estate database websites available for you to use on the Internet.

Using the detailed training you’ll receive‚ you’ll know precisely where to search for and find the promising properties we want to acquire. Searching these Internet databases‚ you’ll quickly be able to find promising properties all over the United States.

(By the way‚ at this time we ONLY want to purchase property in the US. You can‚ however‚ be an effective Property Scout while living in another country and calling into the US to gather more information on potential properties. There are inexpensive international phone rates which make this opportunity viable. Simply pay attention to international time zone differences when you contact US brokers and agents.)

Two — There are typically several promising properties in your local community and general area

This strategy is also a goldmine.

For instance‚ Atlanta is a hot area. It’s growing‚ and commerce-friendly. Cheap land is available‚ and it is incredibly under-priced. So there are some real bargains in Atlanta.

And most of the local information never makes its way onto the Internet.

So as an example‚ if you live in Atlanta‚ you are in a prime position to capitalize on all the potential local commercial real estate deals. You can easily find local “in the know” brokers‚ agents and contractors who have “insider information” that will help you find promising properties.

Frankly‚ this is the primary reason we don’t hire people to just sit at computers and do this scouting for us.

Being local‚ you have firsthand access to inside information and local news we’d never know about or be able to get ourselves. This is just one big reason we need people like you in every part of the country out scouting properties for us.

Step #2: How to Gather More Information on The Property

The second step‚ once you find a promising property‚ is to call the real estate broker‚ agent or property owner (if it is a “For Sale By Owner”) and get more information on the property.

Admittedly‚ this can at times be a small challenge. Of course‚ Brokers and agents are busy people and even though they want to sell a property‚ it sometimes requires patience on your part to get all of the information you need.

So yes — this is where your patience‚ persistence‚ and tenacity can pay off big time.

There are a number of information items we need so the investor group can make an executive decision on whether to submit an “informal offer”. (More on informal offers later.)

Here is another example. When deciding on a property‚ we need three ‘comps’. Comps are the comparable properties in the immediate area around the property we want to purchase‚ including their selling prices. We need these figures because they confirm the value of the property you are researching.

The only way you can get this important information is to call the broker‚ agent or owner. They are the only people who have it. A broker’s job is to provide you with this information so our investors can make an informed decision.

Step #3: Submit the Property to Us

When you have found a promising property and collected all the required information it’s now time to submit it to us using our Property Scout Submission System.

Now we take over and do 100% of the rest of the work...

To increase their likelihood of getting more paychecks faster‚ many active Property Scouts always have from 50 to 100 promising properties they are currently researching.

This is another reason that why it pays to be well-organized.

To summarize‚ as you can see‚ there is some work involved. But once you’re trained‚ it is easy work. You’ll work from home‚ part-time as you are able. Work compared with other professions-but it IS work.

My guess is that since you’re still reading this letter‚ you’re probably pretty serious. I believe that by telling you exactly what you can really expect‚ you’ll be excited because now you can go into something with your eyes open‚ knowing in advance all of the major and important points.

Should you have questions right now‚ please feel free to contact me or one of our staff using the chat and talk box on the right of this page.

What We Do with Your Important Information
After You Submit It

After you submit a piece of property‚ we have a very thorough and comprehensive system for evaluating your submission.

First‚ we look at ‘the big picture’ and get familiar with your submission.

If we think the property has merit‚ its immediately changes to “Under Research” in our system. This simply means that we will now confirm your submitted information with the broker‚ agent‚ or owner.

This confirmation process can be concluded happen in as seven business days after we receive your submission.

Then the next time you log in to your Maverick Scout account‚ you’ll see the new status of your submission. This is your first big clue that you could be are onto something big!

Considering the reality that when you first get started‚ one of the challenging aspects of your learning curve is knowing a good deal from a bad one. This is a It’s a learning process and it does take a bit of time to develop your mental “radar”.

If for any reason one of your submissions is not complete for any reason‚ will tell you precisely what to do to improve it.

Again‚ as you would expect‚ this is initially a learning experience for you‚ so patience is truly a virtue here. Like anything new‚ comfort comes with experience. You’ll be a Pro before you know it! We will help you in every feasible way to improve your “batting average” very rapidly.

To continue‚ now that your submission is ‘under research‚’ our acquisition team begins to go through your property submission with a fine toothed comb. Of course‚ they want to see if the potential deal makes sense. So they want to confirm all of the facts with the broker‚ owner or agent and ask any additional questions they may have.

Assuming everything checks out‚ next our investor group puts together an informal offer to purchase the property‚ using a
’Letter of Intent.’

Basically‚ a Letter of Intent is a non-binding agreement that indicates to the property owner that we are interested in purchasing his property‚ but first we would like the opportunity to perform our own ‘due diligence‚’

Subsequently‚ we will enter negotiations if the property owner agrees (and all of the facts and figures can be properly confirmed.)

Your First Compensation Option

As you would expect‚ the property owner doesn’t have to accept our informal offer. But if he does‚ now is when it starts to get REALLY exciting for everyone. Now— for the next few months— we’ll spend as much as $50‚000 or more of our own money to see if the property can pass the final checklist.

(Remember that at this point‚ your job is already done. You’re now working on other promising properties. And also remember that you invest no money and have no risk— so now we do all the rest of ‘the work.’)

Once our due diligence team complete its work and we have the information we need‚ we now start creating a our formal offer so it makes sense for both parties to the prospective transaction.

Once we submit our offer‚ we typically have a good idea if it will be accepted‚ because we have done our due diligence properly and crafted a fair offer for everyone.

To summarize again‚ a proper submission‚ thorough due diligence‚ and a fair offer are the keys to our extraordinary success.

And remember — you are only responsible for locating a promising property where we tell you to look‚ and then preparing a proper submission. We do all the rest!

To continue our explanation‚ once the owner says “Yes‚ we have a deal!” and the acquisition is complete‚ now it is now time for you to celebrate. You now have a paycheck coming your way!

After acquisition‚ our investor group immediately begins to strategize and plan the highest and best use of the new property.

Regardless of what our plans are at this point‚ your 3% is absolutely locked in UNLESS you want to cash in early. And— yes — you can cash in early at this point if you wish. It is always up to you how you wish to be paid.

Yes‚ you CAN cash in early at this point.

Your Second Compensation Option

If you find yourself needing cash as soon as possible‚ here’s a fast track compensation option available for you to consider:

When our investor group actually BUYS (closes on) a property you submitted‚ you have available to you a “fast cash” option of being paid $15‚000.00 within ten days after the transaction is completed. That’s paycheck #1.

Then‚ when the property is later resold‚ you receive another paycheck for an additional $15‚000.00. So all total‚ you make $30‚000.00 for submitting that property if you choose this option.

As you can see‚ this is not the same as being paid a 3% share of the profits. But some people prefer this option because they need the money quicker. And if you think about it‚ $30‚000.00 is still A LOT of money for submitting just one property. Our personal goal here is a simple one ... to accommodate your wishes.

Your Third Compensation Option

This third compensation plan is for when you those who want your money upfront — regardless of whether we purchase the property or not.

Choosing this third option‚ you indicate that you wish to be paid $300.00 immediately when the Letter of Intent is faxed. You will get paid the $300.00 even if the final deal does not go through. In addition to the $300.00‚ you will earn an additional $5‚000.00 if and when we purchase the property.

Then when we later resell this property you receive an additional $5‚000.

With this compensation option‚ you can make a total of
$10‚300.00 for submitting a property that is subsequently purchased‚ rezoned and/or improved‚ and resold.

And remember that if the property is never purchased‚ you will still get $300.00 just for our Letter of Intent being faxed.

Now let’s take a look at a few properties we currently have under contract and are improving...

A Few of Our Current Projects
(Would You Like a 3% Share in These?)

Here are just a few of the projects our investor group is currently working on.  All of them have were located by student ‘Property Scouts.’


Maverick Real Estate Investments Property Showcase Property #1

Maverick Real Estate Investments Property Showcase Property #2

Maverick Real Estate Investments Property Showcase Property #3

Maverick Real Estate Investments Property Showcase Property #4

Maverick Real Estate Investments Property Showcase Property #5


Remember‚ your only part in this venture is simply to is find us properties like these.

That’s it. That’s all you do ...

To reiterate — our company and our investor group does all the ‘leg work’ to evaluate‚ negotiate‚ purchase‚ market and sell the property. We do all the ‘heavy lifting‚’ assume all the risk‚ and put up all the money.

You simply provide us with promising properties to consider...

You are always kept 100% informed of our investor group’s progress at every step of the process‚ on every property you submit. All you do is log in to your account and check your status.

What could be easier?

Now let’s take a look at 2 real case studies...

Case Study #1:  The investor group recently closed on a project that should return a minimum of $2 million profit once zoning issues are considered — which should cost them around $50‚000.00 or so — but could potentially return over ten times that amount if the property is fully developed and marketed.

If you had submitted that property‚ you’d now have a choice between a cash payment or a percentage of this deal. That’s either $30‚000.00 or close to $1 million when the deal matures and is resold. And notice that these numbers only represent ONE property.

Case Study #2: This property is perfect for a big commercial project. Right now‚ the property is valued at about $8.5 million ‘as is‚’ but the investor group is under contract to buy it for around $4 million.

Again‚ if it we simply address some zoning issues‚ it could be worth somewhere around $11 million. We could increase the value even more by fully building out the infrastructure.

The Property Scout will receive a 3% interest in this project. And remember: The only work he did was to originally find the property!

When this project matures and is resold‚ he should receive a check for somewhere between $200‚000 and $500‚000 just for submitting the opportunity to the investor group. In the mean time‚ this same Property Scout has submitted another property the investor group is excited about acquiring‚ and it’s an even better project than his other submission above.

The best part for you is that we are looking for commercial real estate deals like this all across the United States. Here is a map of our progress‚ state by state:

It’s TOTALLY your choice whether you want to earn upfront money OR a partner’s share of the profits

At this point‚ we’ve looked at a variety of important points you are considering about this offer...

Unlike so called ‘business opportunities’ which gloss over or completely avoid openly discussing the simple truth‚ we are giving you the unvarnished truth right up front.

Our company knows that any a person who has all the facts upfront stands a significantly better chance of being successful over the long term if he or she has the right information‚ attitude‚ and expectations. If this Property Scout Program is right for you‚ by now it should be obvious.

Here’s how to get started...

“Here’s how to get involved and get started today”

Becoming a professional Property Scout is pretty simple.

You don’t need any experience or expertise. You don’t have to buy any expensive courses about investing in real estate. A professional real estate license is not required.

In fact‚ you don’t have to know a single thing about real estate investing to become very successful. Anyone can get started doing this today. Right now...

Anyone who has one or more of the traits I discussed earlier can get started doing this today. 

As soon as you've gone through our training, you'll have complete access to the listings database and the property submission system.  The training materials contain absolutely everything you need to immediately begin your training in what we believe is one of the world’s highest paid professions.

Yes — you can get started in the next few minutes

When you sign up, we will provide you with comprehensive training materials which include: 

  • training materials include:  training videos, training audios, property listings databases, property submissions, webinars, conference calling, personal coaching, deal process guidelines, pocket guides,  online help,  support, trial membership in The National Association of Commercial Real Estate Property Scouts with optional charter membership,  the ability to connect with other scouts,  and much more.   But best of all, once you've gone through the training, you can begin screening properties and submitting today

  • Our specific investor group’s criteria for buying commercial real estate property (spelled out in simple language— so you will know precisely which properties will be the jackpot winners for you...)

  • Exactly how to find and analyze properties in your local area or nationwide using the Internet

  • Precisely what to do when you find a viable property. (You receive step-by-step instructions on how to submit the property and get paid...)

Start today — right now — using the property scouting techniques you learn. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy (not to mention lucrative) this tested and proven system is to use once you get started.

When you find a property that meets our criteria‚ you’ll complete the simple one-page submission form on our private property submission website (which you are given access to when you join.)

We only ask one thing of you. Go through the entire training and work the Property Scout System step-by-step over the course of a year. Give it your honest and best effort. After all‚ one can’t expect to build a six or seven-figure income without making at least a reasonable effort to make it happen— can you?

So that sums it up. We promise to equip you with absolutely everything you need to make an extraordinary income and find happiness and success like you’ve never experienced before. All we ask of you is that you give it your best shot and follow our precise instructions.

Fair Enough?

You CAN do this!

Now that you’re ready to enter the elite and prestigious ranks of the commercial real estate industry‚ and now that you want to become a highly paid Professional Property Scout with Maverick Real Estate Investments Inc.‚


Remember— Here’s the key question you should ask yourself:

“Where else can I realistically expect to earn 6 or 7  figures a year and work 5 to 20 hours a week from home?”

You will also have full‚ unrestricted access to complete online training through which you will be personally coached by our experts.

You will have unrestricted access to be fully trained in our Property Scout System and begin to find promising properties for our investors to acquire.

You’ll submit promising properties to us to review and consider acquiring.

As I said just above‚ there’s absolutely no risk‚ experience or investment capital required‚ and you’re fully protected by our One Year DOUBLE-Your-Money-Back Guarantee on the comprehensive training & fully equipped back office use to submit properties.

You can complete the entire scout training at your own pace and be ready to take your first steps into this exciting‚ high-income career quickly.

So go ahead. Take a bold step right now. Make the jump now to an extraordinary income and wonderful work from home lifestyle. You’ll be so glad you did! I look forward to working with you as an important part of our Professional Property Scout team.


"How many properties do you have to find a year to make mid-six or seven-figures a year?"

Answer: Just One!

Yes, just one is all you need to be able to live the life of your dreams.

Here are our company-wide, national statistics:

Across the board, the average profit we make on a piece of commercial property is $6 million dollars.

The property scout who finds the property for us gets a minimum of 3% of that amount (and maybe more depending on the compensation plan they choose).

You can do the math yourself. That's $180,000 -- for just one property. Make that kind of money and you are in the top 1% of the people in the country.

Now Here's Another Interesting Statistic:

It is not uncommon for us to make TENS of millions of dollars on a
single piece of property. In fact, it's quite the norm, based upon our unique investment strategy.

Remember, this is commercial real estate we're talking about, NOT residential. The numbers (as well as profits) are much bigger.

You probably are already aware that commercial properties commonly sell for tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

So it stands to reason making $250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 or more a year is VERY realistic for the average active property scout.

You Can Do This!

All you need to do is find just ONE deal a year for us. Just one deal -- just one property our investor group can acquire -- can make you a millionaire.

As I said, anyone can do this. Property Scouting isn't hard and it doesn't take a lot of time. The rewards are amazing, especially compared to the effort you put into it.

To learn more about our unique opportunity and how you can finally reap the rewards that may have alluded you until now,  watch our orientation video and listen to our compelling audio clip


Audio Clip     



No Risk, No Investing, No Selling, No License


When you sign up, we will provide you with your fully equipped back office so you can start screening and submitting commercial properties to us immediately, plus you get our comprehensive and ongoing training and materials which include: 

  • training videos, training audios, commercial property listings databases, commercial property submissions to investors, webinars, conference calling, personal coaching, deal process guidelines, pocket guides,  online help,  support, trial membership in The National Association of Commercial Real Estate Property Scouts with optional charter membership,  the ability to connect with other scouts,  and much more.  But best of all, once you've gone through the training, you can begin screening properties and submitting today.


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